Teamber developments

Innovation for user performance

We listen to feedback

Our software is always being updated and these developments are the direct result of the feedback which is sought out from our valued clients by our Teamber experts.


TEAMBER was founded on innovation and research into user performance to enhance our clients’ efficiency.


Our mission: to make tasks so easy and intuitive for users that they are completed straight away and not put off until the next day.

Research and development

Each new version of TEAMBER is more powerful than the last

Teamber is the result of in-depth R&D carried out to improve organisational behaviour in the construction industry. Fast-forward a few years and our experience and user feedback has led to a software solution that is specially designed for project management across many industries. Teamber is constantly evolving thanks to the development and gradual integration of new features for the benefit of our clients.


Our innovative solutions are subject to rigorous testing processes in real conditions before their deployment. When new features are updated, no intervention is needed to install the updates on your systems.

Quality and productivity

The best method is also the quickest one


Our partner

A solid partnership for our development

Developed by Labsoft (130 IT engineers) and working to our specifications, the Teamber software benefits from the very best systems integration. Each new feature is subject to a strict set of specifications with organisational performance at the heart. This solid partnership brings together our businesses and their teams, meaning that each day we move a little closer towards achieving the excellence that we strive for, for our clients.

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