Managing emails is a major cause of time loss for companies

Save time with Teamber: email is included in our electronic document management system.

Given the ever-increasing number of emails we receive every day, the volume of information lost is also increasing and represents a heightened risk of error as well as delays in task completion.

Teamber is integrated into your inbox seamlessly to simplify managing your emails and make it more efficient for your teams. Teamber technology indexes your emails and makes them quick and easy to access for every member of your team.

When an email hits your inbox, it is analysed and converted into a PDF file. When the user sorts the email in Teamber, it is then made accessible to any user working on the project.

Advantages of managing your email with Teamber :

  • Shared emails: all users within the project have shared email access. You no longer need to forward your emails as information is shared with your colleagues.
  • Emails linked to a project: emails are sorted together with all the documents in the project and saved with those documents forever. Attachments remain attached to the email which means that information is saved in its original context.
  • Emails converted into tasks/events: in just one click, users can convert an email into a task in their calendar. In this way, they can decide when – with a precise date – to process the information.

Thanks to our partnership with Microsoft, Teamber makes your life easier.  

Likewise, actions carried out in your Outlook inbox are automatically copied into Teamber. This is also valid for sorting email from a mobile device or tablet using the native applications on these devices. Work freedoms are completely maintained, and users don’t have to change their usual way of working and the whole team can benefit from each other.

“With Teamber, intelligent email processing is an integral part of your project management.”

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